Sunday, April 22, 2018



Relapse Records

OK full disclosure time, I love WINDHAND. How much you ask? Well back in 2010 it was the now defunct website Doomantia and SFM666 who were the first two music sites to write about their 2 song demo. I'm kinda proud of that as well as when Walter of Roadburn borrowed my review for his website. I appreciated that and it gave SFM666 a lot of traffic. Moving on I loved their debut full length, I liked the follow-up Soma, I liked the split releases they did as well. Then Grief's Infernal Flower came out in 2015 and I was bored with em. 

So here we have a split with WINDHAND and fellow Virginian's SATAN'S SATYRS. As far as the WINDHAND cuts go, two of em, the first one "Old Evil" sounds like a throwaway from Grief's Infernal Flower. But the second cut, "Three Sisters" is absolutely fantastic. Dorthia's vocals are more up front, thanks to her solo career, plus there's keyboards which make everything sound more haunting then just the massive doomy riffs. Unfortunately I have written about half a dozen bands last year who took this same path to greatness.

Which brings us to SATAN'S SATYRS, here's a four piece act who put forth three cuts and after listening to this it makes me wanna put on my BLUE CHEER "Vincebus Eruptum" t-shirt. Yeah it's dark blue so touch me I'm cool. But anyways this is some cool hard fuckin rock with a retro late 60's / early 70's thunderous blues rock touch. They even do a LINK WRAY cover "Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby". So basically you'll buy this split for WINDHAND but you'll love it for SATAN'S SATYRS.

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