Wednesday, May 2, 2018

ADVENT OF BEDLAM - Human Portal Phenomenon review

ADVENT OF BEDLAM - Human Portal Phenomenon

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

What I do here at SFM666 is opinion but I do lace in a few facts within the reviews. Now with that said there is something I've learned a long time ago which is a fact. Metal music is universal. You can visit practically any nation on the planet and you will find good or actually great metal. Thankfully there are cool labels like HPGD who expose some of these little known bands to the masses.

Which brings us to Costa Rica's ADVENT OF BEDLAM and this their third full length. Full disclosure on my part here but this five piece act, who have been around for a decade, are heralded as their nation's greatest metal band or metal export. I'm obviously ignorant to that fact. Although after blasting this (yes this one must be blasted) release for a few days I'm in awe.

ADVENT OF BEDLAM are simply a great blackened death band regardless of where they're from. On this release they take that template, add some decent tech death theatrics plus plenty of melody. But of course there's this menacing brutal atmosphere which shrouds everything. Soundwise this is more inline with mid-2000's Euro blackened death in style. Name dropping ain't important, the music here is, Nuff said.

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