Monday, May 28, 2018

COLTSBLOOD - Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness review

COLTSBLOOD - Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness 

Black Bow Records

So if you're a regular reader of SFM666 (and frankly who isn't) then you're probably wondering why I'm writing about a release that came out last year on Candlelight Records. Well dear confused, it's because Black Bow Records is re-issuing this one on vinyl. The pretentious record collecting scum will love that. Secondly COLTSBLOOD are new to me so hey I wanna write about em.

Yes, yes you're shocked that I don't know about COLTSBLOOD. Yeah I'm so behind the times. Maybe I should get some English Doom fanatic to throw a fuckin brick through my window to announce every little tidbit of information about the British doom scene. I'm serious because I rarely read other websites.

But anyway in this band's case I'll take the brick. Now that I know about COLTSBLOOD and listened to this a few nights after work, which is a perfect time, I love them. First off this is John McNulty who formerly played bass in CONAN. That's your sludge factor. With this band (a three piece featuring John on bass & vocals, Jemma McNulty on guitar and drummer Jay Plested) the man has veered away from the path of his old band. 

COLTSBLOOD are for the most part dark as in it's sludge metal meets a more atmospheric genre side of black metal and maybe something leaning to the funeral side of doom. John's vocals are a mix of psychotic screams, bestial grunting and feral haunting. When not hammering down-tuned massive sludgey riffs Jemma's guitar playing twists tremolo picked hypnotic harmonies. The drum work is fine as well.

The bottom line for me here is between their whole bludgeoning there's some fast blackened effects as well as a little dark melodious space. A fine release and worth a re-issue, or a re-inspection for those of us (myself included) who missed out on it the first time around.

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