Sunday, May 27, 2018

HERON - A Low Winter's Sun review

HERON - A Low Winter's Sun 

Sludgelord Records

This is kinda loud as in do not play when you're hungover in the morning. Given a choice of hearing this at 6 AM or my roommate's dogs barking, I'll take the fuckin dogs. I mean if she blasted this early in the morning I'd get out of bed, rip my door off it's hinges and scream "Are You Fuckin Kidding Me!" 

We're talking loud and heavy handed sludge metal here people. On a scale of 1 to 10 with YOB being an 8 I'd give this a 7 1/2. Of course 10 is reserved for people who run passed you on fire because they're loud. Ya know they never run up to and say "Help Help I'm on Fire." Instead they just run past ya screaming "Ahhhhhhhh!" I always thought that was strange.

But anyways HERON are a fairly new four piece sludge metal act from Vancouver, Canada. They're the latest find from Sludgelord Records, who definitely have a pedigree when it comes to finding some cool stuff. This is HERON's debut full length. Prior to this they've put out two EPs since their inception in 2014. Two cuts on here were also on their last EP. 

Other than having the ability of cranking it up in decibels the band has a knack for injecting some pleasant melody or atmosphere if you will. What breaks HERON from the norm (or full on comparisons) is their lack of a bass player, duo vocals (one bestial, one burnt throat) and the use of various sound bites.

As a whole I like this release a lot but that's because of my particular tastes as far as this genre goes. They're not full on proggy which I hate. They keep up with the straight traditional sound. And unlike what their name suggests they're not pushing that junkie chic drugged out shit. Just for the record the word "heron" is ghetto slang for heroin as in "Goin up ta Durham to score sum heron." Nuff Said.

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