Wednesday, May 30, 2018

NEKROKRAFT - Servants review

NEKROKRAFT - Servants 

The Sign Records

Last year while writing about NEKROKRAFT's previous full length I said "Will o´ Wisp is a decent release but I think their next one, hopefully, will be a milestone in that a new band that puts that evil grim grin back on your face because they remind ya of the past without being retro." Well after giving Servants a few listens I will say it's different. But more on that later.

First off NEKROKRAFT are a five piece act from Sweden who've been around since 2012 and have a few releases out. By the way if you wanna check out their past stuff then pick up their Witches Funeral compilation also on The Sign Records. One of their claims to fame is that their vocalist Angus Norder is also the frontman for WITCHERY. Not a bad gig, I'm sure it pays well and you get to play big festivals.

But I'm here to talk about this latest release by a band who has the tagline of being blackened thrash. This ain't blackened thrash. There's keyboards (which were on their last album), galloping rhythms and grandiose blackened song structures. This is full on symphonic black metal here people. Some lay-person will scream DARK FUNERAL and yeah maybe a little but then you're wrong.

Angus Norder, who goes by the name Angst, is a phenomenal vocalist. He's got that harsh blackened vocal sound that carries outward. The band is flat out violent, with accompanying guitar soloing which stems from thrash. There's plenty of blastbeat action, tremolo picked mania and no relief. The nine songs on here keep you at the edge of your seat. To paraphrase what I said last year, it reminds you of the past but NEKROKRAFT are walking their own path. And this is fuckin fantastic.

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