Sunday, May 20, 2018

PARAGON COLLAPSE - The Dawning review


Loud Rage Music

Imagine, if you will, NIGHTWISH were more into metal as opposed to the whole operatic thing, Tarja wasn't a prima-donna and there was some MY DYING BRIDE violin work going on with melodic doom permeating your senses. Yeah that's the basic skinny here and it works well.

PARAGON COLLAPSE hail from Romania, started out in 2011 but to put it mildly had some hurdles to overcome before putting out this, their debut full length. First off vocalist/violinist Veronica Lefter brings a sort of elegance with her operatic vocals. Her violin solos are just total melancholy and sadness.

The guts of PARAGON COLLAPSE is guitarist/composer Alexandru Lefter whose riffs while still in a melodic vein also bring about a sense of background chaos while Lefter's vocals and violin runs (also dueling in guitar solos) somehow brings about hope from the abyss.

The Dawning is the type of release that any self described doom metal fan needs to experience. I like it a lot because it's completely beyond cliche. They even devote some time to adding a little folk meets death metal on one cut. All in all I hope they keep this thing going.

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