Wednesday, May 16, 2018

RITES TO SEDITION - Ancestral Blood review

RITES TO SEDITION - Ancestral Blood

Self Released

This release originally came out last year but since this band is from my state, is doing something unique and was pushed to me by some good promo people I figured why not write about it. RITES TO SEDITION are a melodic black metal act out of Charlotte, North Carolina which is a two hour drive west from where I call home in our state. The band started out in 2014 and this is their debut full length. 

Now when I say what this band does is unique is really about the state's musically history as far as black metal goes. DARKMOON is are high water mark and a bunch of hipster acts are our low point. RITES TO SEDITION sound like our state's version of DISSECTION and to me that's cool as fuck. They like to do long compositions which are filled with tremolo picked melody, thrash runs as well as a tech death touch which gives it a modern feel.

There's some bloodied but unbowed throaty blackened vocals, amazing soloing and the major song structuring is top notch. Among the main tracks the band invokes some cool intro interludes lasting a minute or more. They're cool sounding invocations as opposed to time fillers. All in all this is an outstanding fuckin black metal release. Why is this not on a label?

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