Wednesday, May 16, 2018

SKOGNATT - Ancient Wisdom review

SKOGNATT - Ancient Wisdom

Self Released

SKOGNATT is a one man black metal act that deals in the atmospheric side of the genre. The mainman behind it all is multi instrumentalist Danijel Zambo, although he includes a studio drummer on this release. Ancient Wisdom is the first full length by Danijel under the SKOGNATT name. Prior to this, since starting out just a few years ago, Danijel has been putting out short form releases. In fact last year he released a two song EP under the same title as this and has two songs appearing on here which were on the EP.

Musically what we have here is pure late night black metal. Now I'm not trying to invent a new sub genre, forget that one. To me listening to this makes wanna beg the question what if you could invite a one man black metal act into your home. Maybe in like a virtual visual way sorta like that DIO cover act uses a hologram of Ronnie James on stage at their shows. Ancient Wisdom just seems to be a personal experience when listened to. 

I came to that conclusion since the vocals on here are mostly these harsh whispers. Of course the way I have my speakers set up in the office here makes it sound like Danijel is sitting two feet away. Musically this is atmospheric black metal with touches of gothic-ness, plenty of acoustic guitar usage giving it a touch of ancient folk and of course buzzing hornet's nest guitar sound. German black metal is typically brutal and unforgiving. This is has a different quality that's cool.

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