Wednesday, May 16, 2018

SLOMATICS / CONAN - Split reissue review

SLOMATICS / CONAN - Split reissue

Black Bow Records

The release's cover artwork depicting a heavy metal warrior riding upon a giant snail pretty much sums up what you're gonna hear. This originally came out in 2011 as a limited 12"er on Head of Crom Records. But it seems, according to the promo info, that this particular release has been an on demand by fans wishlist item.

Now just for the record England's CONAN and Ireland's SLOMATICS have been around for a good decade. But unless you're a devoted fan of slow and heavy music then you are like "Who?" Be that as it may this falls into that holy grail type of releases category. SABBATH on ludes, cough syrup and a brick on the needle as you spin Master of Reality on the turntable.

Both bands deliver three cuts a piece of pure sticky monster sized sludge rock. And just like my opinion of their split with MAMMOTH WEED WIZARD BASTARDS back in January, the SLOMATICS rule on this one as well.

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