Sunday, May 20, 2018

SPECTRAL - Neural Correlates of Hate review

SPECTRAL - Neural Correlates of Hate

Loud Rage Music

I have to admit a fact, I don't like tech death (that's technical death metal for you heshers) or at least the modern pretentious version of it. Basically I'm talking about all that stuff which revolves around the jazz inspired guitar noodling which accompanies much if not all of the sub-genre. And as far as those offshoot genres go well they make want to vomit. So the first time this came in for review, which was in March, I skipped over it simply because I read the words "progressive technical death metal. OK so a month and a half later the label sends it back. 

Alright I'm giving it a chance and it has taken me quite a few listens to overcome my prejudice towards the sub-genre. Trust me it's not my thing at all but this Romanian act seems to have put a crack in my wall. First off I think the vocalist, Andrei Calmuc, is absolutely fantastic. He reminds me of someone I know well. Be that as it is he emits a growled roar at times and other instances he's like a beast trying to sing cleaner. 

Obviously this vehicle is being run by guitarist (and bassist) Ciprian Martin. And the man is certainly an accomplished guitarist. On a whole I'd say half of this full length is down right awesome in an old school sound with awesome riffs plus fluid like soloing. It has an early GORGUTS influential flair that I do like. Then there are times this act flies right into a NECROPHAGIST tribute session. But hey the drummer, Romain Goulon, used to play in NECROPHAGIST so there you go. 

In the end I still can't stand this but hey if you are an older tech death fan then this is something you've been craving for. The marriage of beauty and brutality flows throughout this debut release. I personally like the longer compositions where guitarist Ciprian Martin displays some major riffage as well as melodic touches to his solos which actually strengthen the cuts with atmospheric balance versus the torment of urgent note chopping.

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