Saturday, June 9, 2018

ARKVEID - Arkveid review

ARKVEID  - Arkveid

Metal Scrap Records

And now for something completely different as well as out of season. Right now where I live it's the beginning of summer. It was in the high 80s today. So when I listen to this debut full length by Russian one man folk doom act ARKVEID it feels weird. I feel like it should be cold and miserable outside. It's all about the mood people.

I can't say I listen to a lot of music that falls under the genre of dark folk nor am I a huge fan of bands/artists who mix in a lot of folk into their metal. A little is fine by me. So this is a very new experience for me. This self titled debut is one long song titled "I" and lasts just short of forty minutes. For the first ten it's pretty much the artist singing while strumming an acoustic guitar folk melody. Next keyboards are added to give it some Gothic doom elegance. 

After a minute and a half of that the electric guitars and drums kick in. Finally we have some atmospheric blackened music to excite a listener. The entrance of layered back growls, tempered tremolo riffs and melodic soloing doesn't last that long. The song reverts back into it's opening somber refrain. For interested party's I won't give away the store.

This is definitely an ambitious piece of work and I'd consider it perfect for late late late night listening. But overall it's not my cup of tea. To me it's too much folk, not enough metal and that dooms it. I was kind of hoping it to be multi faceted as far as it's soundscape. But if you are into the whole dark folk genre then this one will rip your heart out.

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