Saturday, June 9, 2018

BUTCHER ABC - North Of Hell review

BUTCHER ABC - North Of Hell 

Selfmadegod Records

I learned about this Japanese band over a decade ago when they did a split with GENERAL SURGERY. Full disclosure, I'm a huge fan of GENERAL SURGERY despite what the hipsters in the metal media say about em. To me they were not a CARCASS clone. On the contrary they filled the gap after CARCASS went to shit. Hearing the the five cuts by BUTCHER ABC, one of which was a CARNAGE cover, was the cherry on the cake.

Fast forward to last year when NEKROFILTH put out a split with this band and hey I must admit BUTCHER ABC - North Of Hell won that battle royal. Which brings us to this full length, their first in a twenty four year career. Welcome to utter filth as far as death metal goes. BUTCHER ABC are the modern equivalent of late 80's Swede death with some groove as well as volcanic vocals. 

There are times when BUTCHER ABC covers you in filthy distorted riffs. Their best times by far. Then just for more fun it's pile-driving drum work  just to keep you a breast to pain. Yeah this band is covered, at their own decision, in death metal rust. We're talking old school DM with a hint of grindcore from their old school days. Are you fuckin worthy?

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