Wednesday, June 27, 2018

DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN - And You Will Obey Me review


Transcending Obscurity Records

Here we have yet another Rogga Johansson side project. Then again isn't everything he's involved in a side project? OK he's still got PAGANIZER and THE GROTESQUERY. But seriously Rogga has so many oars in the water it's a wonder if he even remembers what he's played before. After so many years of listening to his work I can attest he doesn't. 

But serious DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN is a side project Rogga started in 2013 with Dave Ingram of BOLT THROWER fame (amongst other acts he sang for) plus fellow PAGANIZER guitarist Dennis Blomberg. They use a session drummer. This is their third full length together and the second one I've heard. Musically, and I've said this before, Rogga is going for a more straight up death metal version of DISFEAR. Better yet think of this as DIS-PAGANIZER.

Now with all of that said this is still an exceptional release. I mean you've got Dave Ingram belting out incredible vocals while Rogga and Dennis Blomberg totally rip on guitars. From start to finish this is fuckin fantastic. Frankly this is more ENTOMBED meets BOLT THROWER than DISCHARGE. Sure there's a surge of simple hardcore riffage (I'm old and we called it Hardcore before you kids called it crust). In the end I love this.

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