Friday, June 1, 2018

MAGGOT CASKET - Self Titled review


Horror Pain Gore Death

MAGGOT CASKET, yes that is a great band name. If I were to drive up to my friend's club I'd love to see their name in lights on the marquee. It would also be funny to see the reactions of people on the bus that passes by it. Of course this ain't the first band I've known to use "maggot" in their name. There use to be a hardcore band back in the 80s called MAGGOT SANDWICH. I probably still have a cassette tape with some of their stuff on it.

Now MAGGOT CASKET are a whole different animal. I can say "animal" without offending anyone, right? Anyways this band hails from the great state of Kentucky and you could say they have a lot of pride. You have to consider that especially when your full length debut as well as opening cut are eponymous. Other then that MAGGOT CASKET are raw twisted death metal which leans toward the brutal side of the genre. They're an obvious fit for this label as well.

Now if you just gave this a surface glance, saw the band name, checked out the song titles which reference zombies, grave robbing, necrophilia, etc. You would probably think oh yeah I can guess what this is gonna be like. AND YOU'D BE TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG! This band doesn't play by brutal death metal rules. I don't think they play by anyone's rules for that matter.

Their song craft is actually technical which is hard to catch since they layer everything in the heavy horror and the grotesque. Across their 8 tracks this band levels you with the full spectrum of extreme metal genre savagery. We're talking sludge, black metal, thrash, death metal of course, old 80's hardcore. Hell I think I even heard a MOTORHEAD riff stuffed in. In other words this band hits you with everything including the mortician's bloody fuckin sink. Speaking of which this is like listening to MORTICIAN on acid. Some people might find that complimentary.

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