Sunday, June 10, 2018

PENETRUM - Instrument Of Delusion review

PENETRUM - Instrument Of Delusion

Metal Scrap Records

Full disclosure on my part, most of the time when I see a release come in for review tagged as melodic death metal I pass on it. My reasons are simple, I know some will laugh (considering what I do like) but I see melo-deth as very generic. Over twenty years have passed and I still hear bands trying to be the next IN FLAMES, HAUNTED or worse SOILWORK.

So what interested me to check out this release was first and foremost they're Ukrainian. That great nation just happens to always produce cool stuff in my not so humble opinion. Secondly is what I read in their bio that their sound leans towards Finnish melodic death metal. But even with that, one listen to this their debut full length and you won't call em CHILDREN OF BODOM clones.

Along with the usual galloping rhythms, rough throated harsh vocals and melodic song structures there's a homespun folk influence which I like a lot. Toss in some hallowed vocals here and there plus incredible guitar work throughout and you've got a winner. I thought the cover song by a band I do not know was a throwaway track. But the final cut, an instrumental, was absolutely beautiful as well as a powerful ending statement.

If there are negatives then the album cover, which depicts an evil looking composer, throws you off on what to expect musically. This could've been power metal for all the eyes see. Another thing is the production which had me wondering. If say Peter Tagtgren got hold of this band's reigns would they sound generic as hell? Good question but for now this is an intimate play that will take any jaded melodic death metal person to the side and say wow.

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