Saturday, June 9, 2018

RADIEN - Syvyys review

RADIEN - Syvyys

Black Bow Records

Ya know I've reviewed so much sludge metal releases this year that I'm wondering if I should change the name of the blog to SCUMFEAST SLUDGE 666. That's a joke by the way, fuck you I ain't changing the damm name. But seriously a lot of sludge metal releases have come my way in 2018.

RADIEN's full length debut was tagged as sludge metal. I've been listening to this four song release every night for a week (it's night time music) and there's so much more going on here then just sludge metal. RADIEN hails from Helsinki, Finland. Even as the first cut played I couldn't help but think this is a nation that has given so much artistry to metal music. Whether it's beauty you're looking for or brutality and of course contemplation of sadness it's been Finnish musicians who have created a cannon of greatness. But mere sludge metal?

Syvyys thankfully is not mere at all. Listening to this is like being dropped onto a blackened doom nightmarish landscape. Yes it crawls along at times in a grim and harsh manner. Between torturous screamed vocals as well as spoken word bites the music creates this atmosphere of bleak desolation mixed in with claustrophobic fear. I loved how on "Hetki" in it's opening course the band borrows from SABBATH's self titled cut. Instead of being horrific it's more like you're being dragged up to a monolithic god of doom to decide your fate.

Mere sludge metal, not at all. RADIEN's debut is pure agony as if you're awaiting an execution but must endure torture from within your imagination. This release came to my attention from a message on my SFM666 Facebook page. Strange since I usually get stuff sent in from a PR person who regularly sends me stuff from Black Bow Records.

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