Tuesday, June 26, 2018

SADISTIK FOREST - Morbid Majesties review

SADISTIK FOREST - Morbid Majesties  

Transcending Obscurity Records

As far as metal goes, Finland is well known for producing some of the finest acts in the world when in comes to extreme metal. Right now we're here to talk about death metal. Now when most lay-people think of Scandinavian death metal they think of that other country. But just for the record Finland has spawned some great ones. Sure early AMORPHIS & SENTENCED were good. But for me some true Finnish DM greats are DEMILICH, ABHORRENCE, FUNEBRE and DEMIGOD. I might have another one to add to my list.

SADISTIK FOREST have been around since 2007 and over that time have produced two full lengths and a split. That latter release came out in 2013. Morbid Majesties marks the end of a five year gap. Now as far their style goes they're not copying from their fore-bearers. Sound-wise this leans more towards death thrash. Still with that there's no lack of punishment and torture. The vocals are both traditional Finnish cavernous death growls as well as a different style that's harsh sick shrieks. The guitar solo work is face peeling. The basic riffs are savage for the most part. I think their drummer deserves a lot of credit for being a total pounding beast.

Musically the band adds subtle outside touches as well. They tread into melodic black metal territory a few times which is cool. There's instances were the layering of death metal type atmosphere comes in to bring some depth. But then there's some chugga chugga groove metal invocations which hampers a lot of death thrash.  But on a whole it's a damm good release. Makes me wonder about their previous stuff and how far they've come. Anyways their Finnish DM predecessors would be proud.




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