Sunday, June 3, 2018

SORGELIG - Apostate review

SORGELIG - Apostate

Perkun Records

For the past couple of years I've heard some very good as well as diverse sounding black metal from Greece. I'm not going to name drop but lets just say I've heard plenty of bands / artists going beyond the boundaries of Hellenic Black Metal. SORGELIG is a new Greek black metal band that fits into that sphere. They tag themselves, they're a four piece, as old school BM with a Scandinavian, misanthropic influence.

Now with that said let's dissect this beast. As far as this being old school is debatable. It sounds like something I ordered from Moribund Records 10 or 12 years ago. The Scandinavian influence is there. The tremolo picked riffs as well as the Tupperware drum sound is straight up BURZUM or DARKTHRONE. The hellish screamed vocals or more a variety suited for tortured depressive black metal.

Overall SORGELIG have a dedication surrounding them with this their full length debut. They do remind me of some bands a decade ago who thumbed their noses at how black metal became too well produced, too mainstream accessible, too commercial. I kind of agreed with their revolt simply because I saw too many in the mainstream metal media thumbing their uppity noses at those bands. The fact is that over time black metal got better from it's own merits and the mainstream got the hipsters.

This release starts out with a piano instrumental with a thunder storm sound effect in the background. I also thought a violin was being played as well but I could've just been hoping. I found it too depressive BM-ish. As far as their actual songs go well there are some that bring a shock to the senses mostly by the screeched vocals. Other times there's a surprising touch of nascent atmospheric melody. Mostly it's just a decent sounding BM release. I wouldn't be surprised to see it on Moribund Records next year.

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