Friday, June 15, 2018

SUDDEN DEATH - Stillborn review

SUDDEN DEATH - Stillborn

Art Gates Records

Brutality and bloodshed to all from Italy? Well from the standpoint of us here in the states it's the more well known FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. But this five piece act has walked a long hard road to get where they're standing today. SUDDEN DEATH originally started out in the late nineties. Over that time the band has put out three full lengths as well as gone through some line-up changes.

It's because of that last part I decided to check out their 2014 full length Monolith of Sorrow. After which yeah there's some differences so it's obvious that Stillborn is actually a rebirth. It's also very short as in a running time of slightly less than fourteen minutes. Add to that is a piano intro with some bestial grunting. But when the band does actually kick into gear it's in your face brutal but more in line with death-core from years ago. 

No one can dispute their sincerity in creating music worthy enough to kick your ass. But are we talking about old school death-core or death metal? I've got a few similar sounding releases by US bands from 2008. So I think we're talking the latter. Which kinda makes sense since there's a clear lack of organic-ness surrounding the recording. Their two new guitarists might be the influence here. Oh well if you're into it.

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