Saturday, June 9, 2018

TOXIKULL - The Nightraiser review

TOXIKULL - The Nightraiser

Mosher Records

When I started listening to this release I began thinking of that famous Yogi Berra quote, "It's like deja vu all over again." I've heard this all before. Seriously I wish I could just say "For Fans Of" and drop a few band names. In this case here it would be METAL CHURCH, EXCITER  and maybe ARMOERED SAINT. You get the idea. 

TOXIKULL, who hail from Portugal, love the 80's. Specifically the time when thrash was first starting out but you still had bands hooked on the whole PRIEST / MAIDEN template. This band is all of that. Nightraiser is the second release by TOXIKULL, who had a full length in 2016 titled Black Sheep. Just for shits and giggles I checked out that full length and I can say that this one is way better. 

TOXIKULL is a side project of MIDNIGHT PRIEST frontman Lex Thunder who is the vocalist and plays guitar. The man has an amazing voice as far as heavy metal vocals and screaming goes. The rest of the band consists of his brother Michael Blade on guitar, Antim “The Viking” on bass and backing vocals and The Lorke on drums.

All in all TOXIKULL's six song EP, five originals and a cover of "Rocker" (a HOLLYWOOD ROSE tune which was Axel Rose's pre-GUNS & ROSES act), is damm good in a retro perspective. They are keeping it TRUE.

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