Saturday, June 9, 2018

VHS - The New Batch review

VHS - The New Batch

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Ya know in the 70's I grew up listening to a great three piece act from Canada. Bought all their albums and eventually saw em in concert three times. That band if you haven't figured it out yet was RUSH. Now VHS are also a three piece act who hail from Canada but are not like RUSH at all. In fact VHS sound like a punk version of IMPETIGO. 

Not so strange is that Stevo from IMPETIGO adds some guest vocals on here. Actually there's a couple of guest vocalists on here as well like Dave Ingram of BENEDICTION/BOLT THROWER and HAIL OF BULLETS fame. OK that's impressive but they've also got Maniac Neil from the band BLOOD FREAK and Bob Shaw of EXISTENTIAL DISSIPATION. One would wonder how they can play live when they're missing all of these guests?

The first time I played this, it's only thirty minutes long, I stepped out back on the deck to have a smoke and think. I heard someone's kids screaming off in the distance. I'm sorry was I playing this too loud? So VHS make babies cry and hipsters puke (that latter idea is an educated guess.) Basically the band play gore obsessed punk/grind with some death metal influence. 

Basically it's fourteen tracks sandwiched between a vocal intro and outro by someone imitating the Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt. I never liked the TV show. The old comics were much better. But anyway comical relief runs wild on this gore-lite full length release which is their second since starting out in 2015. Here's a fun band to blast during a keg party, baptism or grandma's 90th birthday celebration which will be her last. But hey the song "Wrestlemassacre" rules.

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