Sunday, July 8, 2018

AXIA - Pulverizer review

AXIA - Pulverizer 

Selfmadegod Records

When I saw this was twenty-one songs in thirty-two minutes of Portuguese grindcore I had to admit I was not up for it. Honestly I've got one of those Summer colds that seems to be lingering on. So being unwell is pulverizing enough. But hey then I gave it a listen and was fairly surprised.

Pulverizer is the debut full length by AXIA, a four piece act whose members all come from various bands in the Portuguese extreme metal scene. Basically these guys all like death metal, black metal and of course grindcore. But the music on here is not all full on grind for the sake of grind. (hey that sounds like an album title.)

Now AXIA does lay down some punishing grind throughout on this release but they also included some other extremes in order to break the monotony. There's a smattering of death metal groove, a touch of doom and a hint of sludge. The vocals kinda remind me of old school hardcore barking and at times there's a hint of harshness.

Instead of individual songs I look at this as one whole piece since it's much of an enjoyable listen that way. There's a violent ebb and flow to this release. And when the band takes a left turn and hits you with something different, but not too out of place, it just makes it all better.

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