Friday, July 6, 2018

NIGREDO - Flesh Torn / Spirit Pierced review

NIGREDO - Flesh Torn / Spirit Pierced  

Transcending Obscurity Records

Of late I've been exposed to a lot of cool black metal from Greece. Here we have a side project by two members of RAVENCULT, a band I've been a fan of for a while now. Specifically there's A (aka: Alexis Papatheofanous) who handles vocals, guitar and bass. The drums are handled by ex-RAVENCULT member Maelstrom who's also in some incredible Greek extreme acts like DEPHOSPHORUS as well as EMBRACE OF THORNS.

Musically this is similar to RAVENCULT if they leaned more towards thrash. What's cool about this project is how the song structures within take on unpredictable directions. The band is shooting for blackened thrash but forgo the boring traditional trappings. Things are flat out exciting and vicious sounding throughout all eight cuts. Seriously I was waiting for a lazy cut to sink in but hell no.

Flesh Torn / Spirit Pierced is this project's debut full length. They've got an EP, Facets of Death, from a few years ago which seems to be an obvious pick to check out as well. As far as this one goes it rides the line sharply between straight up black metal and it's thrash sub-genre. To me that's important since too many jack-legs take on the latter as a derivative of punk than metal. Secondly you've got two well accomplished and respected musicians from the Hellenic black metal scene creating this gem. Absolutely one of the Greek blackened scene's top acts.

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