Friday, July 27, 2018

UTBURD - The Horrors Untold review

UTBURD - The Horrors Untold

Satanath Records

This is the second full length from Vitaliy Goryunov (aka:Tuor) the one man composer of the black metal project UTBURD. As far as this goes musically this is a punishing attack of second wave black metal with a cascade of atmospheric touches. Pain drips from this individual's ideas put to blackened themes.

This falls into that category of incredible as far as black metal goes. Hailing from Russia, Tuor has tapped into an old vibe but does not play copycat in his execution of the old ways. Musically this is all together captivating black metal. Satanath Records allowed me to check this one out months ago and I had it on the back burner because of it's complexity to overwhelm. 

There are a ton of black metal acts pushing the stretched nineties black metal aesthetic. Most of em I find OK but Tuor gives things an extra emphasis. Listening to this is like experiencing the tortured soul as well as nightmares of an individual with a bloodied throat via vocal output and a musical marching order to a fan or two.

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