Sunday, August 12, 2018

BARKASTH - Decaying review

BARKASTH - Decaying

Svarga Music

Can I just say that this is modern day Ukrainian black metal with a few exclamation points and be done? Probably not but hey this is a great release for a number of reasons. Let's start with the fact that this band has two ex-members of ELDERBLOOD (aka: guitarist/ vocalist Goreon and bassist Hagalth who both joined in 2017.) Just to explain a few things ELDERBLOOD were a cool sounding Ukrainian symphonic black metal act that had their second full length, Messiah, released by Osmose Productions in 2016.

Now this release is in no way symphonic. In fact this release follows what I've heard many times within newer Ukrainian black metal. It's a fusion of early power metal with thrash overtones combined with a serious blackening. On Decaying, which is the debut release by BARKASTH there's plenty of galloping rhythms followed by tremolo segues, solid blackened thrash attacks and room left over for atmospheric breaks which lead into some doom on another cut.

BARKASTH, as well as many other Ukrainian black metal acts, are producing a new style of black metal which is harsh, melodic, inviting as well as threatening. It's also accessible to any fan of the genre which I do find cool as fuck.

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