Friday, August 10, 2018

BURIAL INVOCATION - Abiogenesis review


Dark Descent Records

Normally I like everything this label puts out but here is one which was a tough sale. BURIAL INVOCATION are from Turkey and play death metal which worships at the altar of latter period DEATH. The slight differences here is that the vocals are more brutal sounding and the production is rough. But otherwise it's homage that's spot on if not absolutely incredible.

So call me names all you want but when it comes to the band DEATH I like the first two albums a lot and that's about it. Sure their other releases were good but over the years I just stopped listening to em. BURIAL INVOCATION have embraced that early style of brutal yet technically proficient old school death metal.

Guitarist / vocalist Cihan Akun’s lead work would make Chuck Schuldiner proud. Along with lighting up this release with the fiery of leads that rage from fluid to electric shocks the guy knows a good rhythmic riff which pummels. The rest of the band just keeps up. 

Like I've made clear I'm not a big fan but damm if this is not some of the best tech death I've heard since the 90's. I say that because all of that ADD crap gives me a headache. But one thing I've gotta ask is how can you put this out let alone be this type of band in a country which has a religious controlled government that wants to kill you for producing this music?

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