Thursday, August 2, 2018

CAVUS - The New Era review

CAVUS - The New Era

Satanath Records

Although CAVUS are a black metal act hailing from Finland they don't fall into that nation's traditional brand of blackened necro brutality or harshness. They're what I'd call feisty to say the least and at other times I wonder if they pounded down a few vodka shots prior to the recording. Musically I can say it's a dark brood with a hammer like touch.

After an opening intro track which I'd call subtle but sinister this act lets loose in a MARDUK punishing way. Welcome to Panzer Division Finland and the punishing cuts abound in a blackened MINISTRY fuck up. CAVUS push the thrash aspect of black metal but in a way that's invoked through reacting to the music as opposed to being blackened thrash or blackened death. Seriously I listen to this and want to jump through my window. Then again The New Era could be a party album. Blast this fucker and watch people in your house go insane.

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