Thursday, August 2, 2018

DRUG CULT - Self Titled review

DRUG CULT - Self Titled

Ritual Productions

It is said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Then again in terms of music trends we call it jumping on the bandwagon. But hey let's face it, when it comes to extreme metal we the fans like stuff that sounds like stuff we already like. Don't give me that phony story about wanting your music to be challenging. That's a crock of shit because if that were reality then there would not be a genre called Doom. SABBATH would be it's mile marker and there would be no need to repeat.

So for all of you grounded in honesty then this might be to your liking. If you just need some more music that sludgey, fuzzy and with female vocals then here you go. No I'm not talking about WINDHAND but an Australian version shall we say. This is the debut full length by DRUG CULT an aptly named four piece act from down under. This release is nine tracks, with a running time of around 42 minutes, of doom in a drug haze. Pick the downer of your choice of course.

DRUG CULT give it all as far as being heavy psych and hypnotic dirge with vocalist Aasha Tozer being the witch conducting this ceremony. And they throw a few twists at ya as in short cuts that won't have you nodding off after five minutes of repetition. Basically it's a great release and much better then the contemporaries they emulate, as far as those band's recent outputs go. Ah nuff said. Pass me the bong I think I'm Ozzy.

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