Friday, August 10, 2018

GEISTERFELS - La nevrose de la pierre review

GEISTERFELS - La nevrose de la pierre

Six Raw Records

This originally came out in 2017 but one of the band members contacted me, it was a nice email and it's French black metal so why not give it a listen. Glad I did because it's an interesting release. Before I get into it let me explain my thoughts on French black metal. In my not so humble opinion the majority of that scene's BM stands at opposite ends. You've got the old school raw filth sounding bands on one side. To the other there's a whole group of acts who are more modernized, somewhat brutal and dare I say progressive. GEISTERFELS falls in-between.

Before I get into the music, the players need to be introduced since it's sorta a unique line-up of characters. First off all instruments are performed by Aldebaran (aka: Guillaume Vrac) who's known for his present work in the medieval influenced black metal act DARKENHOLD as well as previous French extreme acts. Next up there's vocalist Aharon who also sings with pagan black metal stalwarts GRIFFON. Finally the inspiration as well as composer and lyricist behind this project is Nebel (aka: Céline Rosenheim)

La nevrose de la pierre is not only this trio's debut release but it's a conceptual piece. So while listening you need to consider it as one long tale. Now the concept revolves around a French poet from the nineteenth century who went on a journey through the Rhine and Mosel valleys. While on the travels this poet made commentary on the various ruined castles, structures on the way. This poet linked the idea of seeing these once majestic structures now fallen into ruin to one's life as well as mind. Once it was great but now it's just rubble.

The idea is an interesting take considering architectural concepts of the nineteenth century compared to medieval castle constructs. Although it would not work today since we have skyscrapers. Be that as it may what drawn me towards this release was the music. There's a good diversity of style going on here. For the most part you get an up tempo brand of melodic black metal. As a guitarist Aldebaran is damm good with his hyper speed tremolo picked melodies. You can also hear bass being performed in an almost Steve Harris style. Aldebaran's drum work is also worthy of mention since it's thunderous yet now overwhelming so it's in perfectly.

As far as vocals go Aharon comes across as venomous, ferocious as in warrior style as well as painful. That's definitely a lot of emotion put forth. Overall La nevrose de la pierre is a great modern take on nineties melodic black metal with an ancient calling to medieval times which are minimalist in execution but pop out at you anyways. So that was a year ago, what's next?

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