Wednesday, August 1, 2018

HORNWOOD FELL - Inferus review


Self Released

For the most part the promo info that comes in with a release to be reviewed is spot off. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of respect for promo people but they're job is to promote which in certain terms means bullshit. Not at all here people because this is a rare occasion of being on the ball. HORNWOOD FELL are from Italy and are completely sown into the post second wave of Norwegian black metal. In other words it's when everything got weird.

OK let's have some fun, name ten no five incredible and prominent Italian black metal acts, you have five seconds? Ah yeah that's the rub. Look I know quite a few Doom acts from Italy but as far as black metal I'd have to look things up. After listening to this EP I'm saying HORNWOOD FELL as a lead of yes this is totally black metal which will singe your extremities in a sadistic way of love ie (sadistic love).

This is their fith release overall. HORNWOOD FELL (a three piece act) started out back in 2013, put out a few full length releases and now this dark and violent opus three song EP of a violent atmospheric take on what ULVER was doing a few decades ago. While I listen to this there's a thunder storm brewing outside. The thunder explodes with storm ridden fury which shakes the house but adds to the joy of this release.

From someone who cooks for a living this is a gravy from hell and I like it. Harsh tortured vocals which try their best to overcome a mix of chaotic riffing and dissonant song structures. If it were any weirder I'd say they were influenced by Sweden's ABRUPTUM but that would involve a midget or two.

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