Friday, August 10, 2018

HOTH - Astral Necromancy review

HOTH - Astral Necromancy

Epicurus Records

According to their promo info "US black metal now has an indelible mark on the map" because of HOTH. Ah no it does not. Also in the promo are the words "Fans of the likes of DISSECTION, IMMORTAL and THULCANDRA should take serious note.  The culmination of three years of hard work has finally arrived." OK seriously THULCANDRA, who's first album years ago was good, are DISSECTION worshipers. IMMORTAL is back as well as sounding frosty and sure DISSECTION are no more but their music still survives and surpasses their clones.

As far as the years of serious hard work goes, well I kinda agree to a point. HOTH were once just a Star Wars themed blackened death metal two piece act (most likely silly hipsters) from Seattle, Washington. Their named after the ice planet where the rebel base was in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Their first two full lengths (Infinite Darkness from 2012 and Oathbreaker from 2014) were all about Star Wars. Yeah and may the farce be with you nerds. Did you show up at a Comic-Con convention dressed together as a Tauntaun handing out free cds?

But anyways this third full length of theirs ditched the Force and replaces it with black magic rituals and unholy spells. OK so now they've succumbed to the dark side. Or in laymen's terms they sound like Abbath fronting THULCANDRA with hints of battle metal. Their new name description in based on the Norse legend of Hoth the blind brother of Baldr. And this band spent three years perfecting their sound by listening to the first two DISSECTION full lengths. Sure they've made a mark but it's a black one.

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