Friday, August 10, 2018

KiTE - The All Penetrating Silence review

KiTE - The All Penetrating Silence

Sludgelord Records

I'm a fan of the releases put out by Sludgelord Records mainly because although the bands they put forth do follow the sludge/stoner rock path. The route is littered with deep potholes, cracks and signs of erosion from past heavies. So their bands tend to jump around a lot as well as stepping off to the sides in order to traverse.

Case in point, here we have a four song EP by the Norwegian three piece act KiTE. This band actually started out years ago in the late 90s. They went through the usual line-up changes route, honed their sound and put out some releases. They were last heard from in 2007 with their self released full length, The 
Hook, The Line, The Sinker. 

Now the reason for the long gap comes about because of commitments the band members had to their other projects. But now after a long delay the band is in dedication mode. The four cuts on here definitely display a band who has one foot still planted in 2007 (and maybe in the late 90s) as well another stepping forward albeit a small one.

Honestly I've heard this band before but they weren't called KiTE, were from the US and put out an EP as well which of course ended up in a record store's used bin. Actually I've heard a few bands like this since the 90's. Think sludge with touches of grunge, sometimes clean or caustic vocals and a hint at the element of psych.

At one point I'm thinking of a crowd headbanging along to their music. Then again I can easily envision an insane slampit commencing. I remember seeing a similar act locally in a small club downtown last year. I walked out onto the back patio after two songs and stayed out there till their set (which I could still hear) ended. They couldn't pull it off, then again they were hipsters copying others. KiTE does pull it off very well.

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