Thursday, August 2, 2018

LORD - Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men review

LORD - Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men 

Heavy Hound Records

Just for full disclosure purposes I reviewed LORD's Blacklisted full length last year. I found it to be cool as far as having an old school sludge flavor to it. Seeing that they pumped one out in only a year is a feat. Listening to this new one is kind of a shock compared to their last one but hey just wait.

Now like I said about their last one, I'm not a fan BUT I can certainly respect the incredible-ness of this release. LORD has declared all out war on sludge metal and any genre sycophants. There's still a point where they love that in your fuckin face (which I love) early sludge factor which was an offshoot of hardcore. Then they'll go off the boat to deliver some Southern blues with added female vocals. Then again they're pull that Georgia sludge degree a few paces out of kilter. 

I mean seriously this will be a shock to your senses because LORD has actually brought beauty, pain and actual progressiveness to the genre. Not bad for a band from Fredericksburg, Virginia and not from places south of their location which in the past got all the hipster credit. LORD actually has broken all preconceptions of what modern day Southern sludge metal can be. Don't be surprised in say two years that you'll hear other bands copying them.

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